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Felix Above-the-knee Wool Knicker Socks

Felix Above-the-knee Wool Knicker Socks


            The rain had been pouring down all day and Ken and Felix had been seeing who could drench the other more thoroughly as they raced through puddles.  Both were sopping from head to foot but Ken kept sniggering to himself when he thought of the spare pair of dry socks wrapped in oilcloth and securely stowed away in his bag.  The two men stopped for lunch at a wayside inn and Felix stayed with the bikes while Ken went inside for food.  When he came back out Felix was looking suspiciously gleeful about something.  Ken looked down.  "Hey!  Aren't those—?"

            "My socks now!"  Felix smirked.


These wool blend ribbed socks come up above the knee (20" height) and are perfect to wear with your knickers!  These green ones go nicely with the Forest tweed caps and ties of the same names.  The green color are a slightly larger fit than the black, so if you have large feet we recommend them.  Best fit for mens sizes 9-12.  

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