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Chatelaine Belt

Chatelaine Belt


The ultimate Victorian lady's accessory!  Chatelaine belts were wildly popular in the latter half of the Victorian Era, and it is time for them to make a comeback! 


This leather belt has two metal rings at the sides which can support a wide variety of accessories on chains (sold separately).  Both useful and beautiful, this ingenious belt design allows for easy exchange of accessories so you can customize your tools for the needs of your day.  Some of the most popular were purses, calling card cases, watches, and tools, but the options for customization are endless.  Let us know if you are looking for any particular tools or items for your needs!  Please specify the length and color of the belt when ordering.  Since each belt is custom made, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Each one will be unique, so let me know your needs and ideas when placing your order!  The photos include some examples of belts I have made. 


The royal jeweler of England specialized in chatelaine belts in the Victorian Era.  This belt design was particularly well-loved by Alexandra, Princess of Wales, in the 1870s.  This royal endorsement greatly increased the popularity of the accessory in later years. 

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