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Felix Short Sporting Tie

Felix Short Sporting Tie


            Felix hopped lightly from his mounting peg and straightened his tie.  He'd interviewed many people in his career but never a fellow cyclist before and he was relishing this opportunity.

            The figure in sleek tights leaned nonchalantly on his wheel and regarded Felix with a friendly grin.  "I suppose you're the fellow who wants to put me in the papers."

            Felix flashed his most winning smile.  "If you're amenable to the idea."

            "Oh, you don't have to convince me."  He looked at the smooth road ahead and regarded Felix's bike with approval.  "You just have to catch me!"  He mounted and was off, with Felix in hot pursuit.

            A few hours later, Felix would once more straighten his tie, reflecting that he had never conducted a more enjoyable interview.


Shorter than the modern tie, this snappy accessory doesn't flap in the breeze and get in the way.  Made of 100% wool tweed in forest green herringbone with a brown silk lining, these match our cycling caps perfectly.  

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