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Jacob Above-the-knee Wool Knicker Socks

Jacob Above-the-knee Wool Knicker Socks


            "It's a wonderfully picturesque view," Jacob commented, looking out over the mountain meadow where they'd stopped for their picnic and where they were now resting on the ground together among the wildflowers.  Addie smiled down slyly, looking at the way Jacob's socks tightly outlined his baluster calves.  "Yes," she murmured, drawing a finger up the line of a firm muscle.  "I'd say my view from here is very picturesque, indeed."


These wool blend ribbed socks come up above the knee (18" height) and are perfect to wear with your knickers!  These black ones go nicely with the grey tweed caps and ties of the same names.  The black color are a slightly smaller fit than the green, so if you have smaller feet we recommend them.  Best fit for mens sizes 8-11.

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